Amazon DSP: A Vital Marketing Tool For Amazon Sellers

Boosting your Amazon sales can be a difficult prospect without the proper digital marketing strategy.  While Seller Central offers a variety of ad products, none is quite so effective as Amazon DSP.  With advanced targeting and retargeting features that expand your reach well outside of Amazon, Amazon DSP is one of the best ways to increase your sales.  We’ll go over what exactly Amazon DSP is, how it works, and what it can do for your brand.

What Is Amazon DSP?

Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) is an ad platform that allows you to programmatically buy ads.  These automatically target audiences both inside and outside of Amazon to buy your product.  Amazon DSP automates the process for placing digital ads, giving you unique targeting features that can help you reach the customers most likely to buy your product. 

Amazon DSP helps you get the most for your money by optimizing ad placement to make sure your ads are seen by the audiences you specifically want to target.  These ads can take the form of desktop display ads, mobile banner or interstitial ads, as well as in-stream video ads and more.  Amazon DSP also gives you insights into your audience and reports on your campaign’s performance, allowing you to fine-tune your ad campaign as needed.

Amazon DSP Special Features

Advanced targeting features

One of the most valuable features of Amazon DSP is its selection of advanced targeting features that help you specifically pinpoint your audience.  You can choose your audience based on their geographic location, zip code, or demographics.  It even gives you the ability to segment your customers in order to better serve your unique customer demographics.  Amazon DSP also lets you control whether or not you want mobile versus desktop specific ads, how many ads you want to show for each unique visitor, and which domains you want to include or exclude.

Dynamic targeting

Ad targeting campaigns need to be continuously adjusted in order to account for unforeseen factors that can affect the date such as being out of stock of a product or even the COVID-19 pandemic.  Amazon DSP uses dynamic targeting that detects changes in data and adjusts your ad campaign accordingly.  These adjustments include switching the domains your ads are posted on, moving your ads to a different location on the site page in order to boost your number of impressions, and more.

Retargeting previous customers

Building your customer base requires you to both attract new customers and retain the ones who have already purchased your product.  Amazon DSP includes retargeting capabilities that help you reach out to your loyal customers and encourage them to purchase from you again.  Pixel retargeting uses pixels on your website to follow your customers across the web and show them your ads, while ASIN retargeting allows you to track from your Amazon product page.

With Amazon DSP’s retargeting tools, you can remind customers when they need to buy your product again or you can advertise similar products that they may enjoy alongside their previous purchase.  This can help you boost your sales and brand awareness by continuing to keep your company at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

The Benefits Of Amazon DSP

Expand your audience

Amazon DSP has several unique benefits, but reaching a wider audience of customers is by far the most valuable one.  Not only does Amazon DSP allow you to reach customers outside of Amazon, but it helps you pinpoint people who are similar to your current customers and are most likely to buy from you.  This can help you grow your base of loyal customers and reach your customer acquisition goals.

Build your own unique audiences

In addition to Amazon DSP’s advanced targeting features, the ad platform also allows you to build your own customized audiences based on whichever criteria you prefer.  Whether you’re looking to build a target audience of your closest competitors’ customers or previous customers who haven’t bought from you in the last six months, Amazon DSP has the tools to do so.

Clinch the sale

It’s incredibly common for a customer to put a product in their Amazon cart but hold off on making the purchase.  Amazon DSP is vital in targeting those potential customers, giving them the last-minute push you need to clinch the sale.

Advertising is all about being in the right place at the right time for the right customer.  Amazon DSP takes the guesswork out of things by automating the process and doing the work for you.  If you’re interested in improving your sales on Amazon, Amazon DSP is a vital tool in your overall digital marketing campaign.